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PostSubject: SUNDAYS GUILD MEETING   Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:55 am

Thankyou to all those who came to the guild meeting, as usual it seemed to go on for ages and people got bored and started to duel.It was nice to see so many members sitting and listening to what people had to say instead of tempers and members leaving guild like in previous meeting.
I dont see meetings getting any better than what we had yesterday and so for that reason will set up a guild council.Guild council will consist of members in guild who can discuss things in detail and not lose concentration, someone who guild members can trust with their problems, and also who can be relied upon to be at the meetings.Rank doesnt matter only active members are to be considered.If you want to apply for council please leave name and reason under bethany/rebeccas post.
Remember the guild council will be there for guild issues only and not for people who get bored easily.

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PostSubject: Re: SUNDAYS GUILD MEETING   Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:17 am

First off I just want to thank cristal again for asking me to chair the meeting, though it was a little stressful it was an honour and a privilege to serve the guild.

Below are my notes from the meeting: -

The fact that you are reading this suggests you are already registered on the forum. Please ensure that you encourage other users to register. It has been noted that certain members (immortalfiend and PinkButtons4) have some issues with accessing the forum. Anyone else that has problems please ask them to PM Owen in game.

Beth has organised an Ornitho race for Sat 29th March 1pm EST. To enter the race or if you have any questions or suggestions please post in the appropriate thread here

Several guild members have donated a large number of spare items to be shared amongst guild members that need them and beth has worked hard and spent a LOT of his time organising and cataloguing these. In addition, some of us have spent quite a bit of time levelling guild pets (a Pantera and a Tortus to 60+10 in my case).
This will all be for nothing however if nobody bothers to use them. Please look at the list of items here and if you need to borrow any of them please speak to Beth either on the forum or in game.

Beth and cristal will organise this between them.

As mentioned above by cristal, anyone that wants to be considered for the Council should post in the appropriate thread here

There was some talk of changing the Saints logo that appears above our heads in game. It has now been decided that this will NOT be changed as it is universally recognised.

I will be taking a note of the levels of all members on a (more or less) weekly basis and keeping a list of those that appear to be inactive. We have a number of low level members that seem to join and then not log in for weeks on end. Some of these may be alts of established members (all members are allowed one alt in the guild) which is OK but others are just inactive and not making any kind of contribution to the guild.

I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of ACTIVE members in the guild. Not only does it project an image of a committed, dedicated team of players all working together for the good of the guild; active members will naturally get to higher levels. Higher level members make the guild stronger for sieges. While we will welcome low-level players to the guild, we expect you to level up occasionally and work towards the higher levels to help strengthen the guild.

We appreciate that not everyone has a lot of time to spend playing Rappelz - we all have real life commitments - but members that are inactive for long periods of time and languish at R2 for all eternity do not help the guild to grow and become stronger. Therefore I will report the names and levels of apparently inactive members to cristal on a semi-regular basis.

If possible these members will be encouraged to be more active. If they are alts of active members, those members will be asked to consider whether they are likely to be active on those alts.

Consistently inactive members who do not login for long periods of time (several weeks) and cannot be contacted directly or via their main character, may be kicked from the guild.

If you know that you are likely to be inactive for a while, please post in the Hospital.


- Behaviour -
If you come to a meeting that is intended to be serious, the least you can do is take it seriously and show a little respect. It is not too much to ask for a little courtesy. Being disruptive (duelling, turning people into yaks, running pets around when you have been asked to recall them, not to mention whoever kept casting fear on SteelSpartan) and interrupting the speaker is just plain rude and results in proceedings taking twice as long as they should. It is primarily for this reason that any future guild issues will be dealt with via the Council and not in meetings.

- Attendance -
The time and location of the meeting were publicised well in advance both in the forum and in guild chat. Of the 33 people that were online at the time, only 11 were there at the start. Others turned up later and I do appreciate the fact that some who were unable to stay at least made the effort to turn up and show support.

I also would like to thank xxAngelosxx for sacrificing an SS to be at the meeting (despite the fact that I had to ask him not to interrupt on more than one occasion during the meeting). This sets a good example to others that didn't bother to ensure that they were not going to be in a DP at the time of the meeting.

Angelos, I said that you would be reimbursed and I will ensure that you are. Next time you see me in game PM me and I'll give you an SS.

Thanks again to those that turned up to the meeting and thanks again to cristal for inviting me to lead proceedings.

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PostSubject: Re: SUNDAYS GUILD MEETING   Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:22 am

OMG who turned somone into a yak -_-

Rychon 104 Druid {Saints FTW!}
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